If you're looking for a popular luxury wagon for your family, the Volvo V90 offers peace of mind. Built with kid-specific safety features, this car secures your family on the go and in the driveway.

Parents know that little ones love to play with buttons. That's why the V90 comes with power child locks. When the lock is engaged, your small passengers can't open the windows or doors from the inside.

Booster seats keep kids safe on the road. The Volvo V90 makes your life easier with optional integrated boosters. When your children aren't in the car, the booster seats fold back into the rear seat cushions to accommodate adults comfortably.

With the V90's special child safety features, it's easier to transport your family around Bloomington, IN or across the country. Test these systems for yourself by visiting Volvo Cars of Bloomington and taking a Volvo V90 for a drive.

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