The first thing to do when changing a flat tire is to ensure your safety. Make sure your vehicle is well off the roadway, turn on hazard lights, and light flares, especially after dark. Next, apply the emergency brakes and use a heavy rock under the opposite side of the flat to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

Check your owner’s manual for instructions on changing a flat tire. There may be a customer service number available with someone to talk you through the steps. Gather your tools, loosen the lug nuts, remove the hubcap, jack up the car about 8 inches, remove the flat, replace the spare and hubcap, tighten the lug nuts, and lower the vehicle.

If you’re replacing your flat with a smaller tire (doughnut), do not drive for long distances. Get to Volvo Cars of Bloomington in Bloomington, IN repair shop as soon as possible. The most important thing is to remain safe, so be sure to signal traffic before reentering.

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